Thanks to Tony Pompa for the heads up

Tommy Tedesco

Studio guitar legend Tommy Tedesco died either Thursday or Friday (November 13 or 14) from lung cancer. He was 67. While this might not be of specific interest to jazzers, it is still noteworthy to the guitar community as a whole because his playing transcended stylistic labels. As probably the most recorded guitarist of all time, Tedesco was an inspiration and an influence to all of us. Tommy's guitar can be heard on literally hundreds of movies and TV shows. One of Tommy's more notable proteges was a young Jimmy Bruno. Tommy authored several books as well. For Guitar Players Only and Anatomy of a Guitar Player (Mel Bay) are must haves for anyone who plays guitar professionally. Confessions of a Guitar Player, Tommy's autobiography, is available for sale here.

Stephane Grapelli

Paris (AP) -- Stephane Grappelli, a French jazz violinist who helped shatter the image of jazz as an exclusively American art form, died Monday (Dec. 1). He was 89. Read the entire story on the CNN website.

Grapelli is best known to guitarists as the other half of the duo with Django Reinhardt as well as violinist of the original Quintet of the Hot Club of Paris. His lilting playing style set the standard for the jazz violin.