by Bob Patterson

While the headline may sound a bit melodramatic, it has been something of a comedy of errors for yours truly of late. My access to a decent system has been very spotty recently, but that is improving. I finally reinstalled Windows 95 on my system at home, making Net access and Photoshop run (finally) crash-free. I also have access to a Power Mac, allowing me to use the archived files on my Zip disks. (I have the JGO website backed up on them.)

One wrinkle I have run into is that I can't export my Finale files into EPS format on my PC, because I don't have a Post Script printer driver installed. I need to do that in order to turn tthe Finale music examples into GIFs for the website. I can do it on the Mac but this particular one has a stupid (my opinion) security lockout that prevents me from even running Finale. Until this can be solved, I won't be able to update the Lessons section. Any ideas?

The issue of JGO becoming a fee based, members only site is now happily a thing of the past. I have decided against the idea for a number of reasons. I never felt comfortable with charging a fee anyway. Net access is costly enough for most of us without adding a few extra bucks a month onto it. Also, the pressure of "paid" viewers would have made this website no longer fun but work. And work's no fun! Instead, I'm keeping JGO the way it is and relying on ad revenues to defray expenses. While I'm on the subject, please be sure to support any advertisers you see on this site.

One new thing you'll be seeing soon is the inclusion of JGO into the Guitar BASE Network. The Hotlist will be expanded into Guitarlinks.COM, a standalone site, and there will be other additions as well. You'll see the changes as they happen.

I want to thank everyone for their support. A lot of you contacted me and told me you'd happily pay a subscription fee. For that I am deeply honored. Those of you who were against it had good advice. I appreciate everyone who took the time to give me their opinions. In the meantime, check out the new site layout and feel free to give me any comments!!!