I guess you've noticed the new look of the site. Hope you like it. I felt it was time for a major change in the "image" of the site. The layout, colors and graphics were starting to look a little dated to me, especially after seeing all the new snazzy "dot com" sites that are sprouting up all over like cyber weeds. Besides, I wanted an excuse to learn Adobe Illustrator and play with Javascript rollover effects a little more. And some of the comments I received from you fine people convinced me it was time to give the house a new coat of paint.

I'm still not sure what font and link colors to use, so you'll still be seeing red link text here and there. But not on a hard-to-read blue background! And the menu items on the left of this page have been streamlined quite a bit.

I designed the layout to appear logical on both 800x600 and 640x480 displays. If you can see the light lavender band on the right side of this page, you probably have an 800x600 or greater monitor. At any rate, it should lay out right. And both Netscape and Internet Explorer users should see a similar if not identical site layout (God, when will those two companies agree on standard HTML tags?).

A word about the advertising seen here. Much of it is largely unpaid. The main banner at the bottom of the front page comes from GuitarBASE, which graciously provides free hosting to this site in exchange for the ad. Many of the others pay a tiny comission per page view. My point is that I recieve only a few bucks per month in ad revenues, far less than some may think. I hope the ads aren't seen as an annoyance, and I've tried to place them in the least distracting way (maybe that defeats the purpose!). But rest assured, no paid advertisements to Jazz Guitar ONLINE will ever sway my editorial opinion on any subject whatsoever. You can take that to the bank.

That said, enjoy the "new" JGO site. And let me know how you like it! Thanks

Bob Patterson