The End of an Era: After almost six years of being associated with GuitarBASE, Jazz Guitar ONLINE is moving to an independent web server. Consequently, we may be unavailable for almost a week and will have no more GBASE banner ads, nor will we have any connection to GuitarBASE.

The New \"Do It Yourself\" JGO Hotlist: We will be re-building our list of links from the ground up. Long a source of well-deserved complaints, the hotlist will now allow you to add your site yourself! Self service... it's a beautiful thing.

Coming features: Thanks to our new ISP, we will be able to offer classified ads, chat rooms, password protected members areas and more. This will translate into a more and better JGO

The new Online Store: JGO, in partnership with Musician's Friend and Sheetmusic Plus has created an actual online music shop. Just click on the \"Shop JGO\" button and check it out. Let me know what items you want to see there.

New Email address: For a while my address will be Hopefully soon, it will go back to normal. In the meantime, you can reach me there.

As always I am honored that you would stop by. Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you like and would like to see here! Until then, keep swinging!

Bob Patterson