Learn to play jazz! Jazz guitar is not easy... there are no two ways about it, but most guitarists looking for jazz guitar lessons are already familiar with other guitar styles: rock, blues, classical or even metal. The more you already know - whether it be scales, chords or music theory, the better. Knowing a little theory can really help any guitarist, so we also include a number of important lessons on intervals, chords and harmony

The fact is mastering a few jazz techniques can help your playing whatever style you are in to - and as many of us drift into jazz some years after first picking up a guitar, you will most likely find these ideas more appealing as time goes by.

So whether you want to master jazz guitar, or simply expand some of your rock / blues solos, there will be something here for you. The lessons here are for beginner, intermediate and more advanced guitarists. Unless stated otherwise, all are by Florida Jazz guitarist, Bob Patterson. Have a look, and bookmark this page - you'll be sure to find more useful information on sucessive visits.

Each of the actual guitar lessons features description, a little theory, tablature and/or traditional music notation, and audio samples. Practise and enjoy! (and then practise more!)

Jazz Theory

Quick guides to jazz theory

Too quick? jazz theory for absolute beginners

Advanced theory

Guitar Lessons

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