Neil Janssen - Solo Flight
  1. Solo Flight
  2. My One And Only Love
  3. All The Things You Are
  4. Relaxin
  5. Stella By Starlight
  6. Old Folks
  1. Thrivin' From A Riff
  2. Donna Lee
  3. Blue And Sentimental
  4. Sandu
  5. After You've Gone
  6. Gone With The Wind

This is one of those recordings you fall in love with from the first note. If you want to know what classic jazz guitar is, there are very few better representations than this CD. Loaded with all my favorite standards, like My One and Only Love, Stella, Sandu, After You've Gone, and tons more, this is a joy to listen to.

Janssen does almost all of the solo work, while Lichens dutifully and artfully comps. The contrast in their guitar tones is apt, with Janssen using a warm amplified tone and Lichens relying on a more acoustic sound. I'm not sure what guitars they were playing on this date, but the jacket photo shows a Super 400, L-5CES and a Byrdland. Can't make a bad choice there!

The guitar duo format has always been a favorite for me, and this CD shows why. Not only can you enjoy what you hear, but you can easily study it. The playing on this CD is textbook traditional jazz guitar and is easily dissected. Lichens' comping is in a style that you don't hear that much anymore and it's good that it's so faithfully recorded on this disc. I recommend to new players to pick this up just to hear how rhythm jazz guitar should be played.

Janssen's bebop soloing is first rate, reminiscent of Joe Pass and Tal Farlow. What really comes through to me is his absolute love of playing the guitar. It's infectuous, as every time I listen to this CD (and I listen to it often) I get in the mood to practice.

Not much else I can say. You old duffers out there will love hearing the great tunes on this disc, and the young players will hear how it should be done. Recommended!

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