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Hello, I have a question. Once you have a good understanding of theory and harmony and know most of your scales and arpeggios and how to apply them, how do you get your solos/improv's to sound good and not sound like scales and arpeggios? Also would you suggest lick books to help my problem?


Jeremiah, there are some really useful books that help you translate scales and arpeggios into useful soloing material (mine among them). But the best long-term solution is to listen to TONS of jazz music. Buy all the jazz CDs you can afford, then buy some more. Listen to them over and over, concentrating on the solos and letting them get into your "ear". Over a period of time, the lines you hear in these recordings start to creep into your playing. That's how you learn to speak the Jazz language. If you don't know what CDs to buy, check out some of the reviews here in JGO and other jazz websites. You can also preview many tracks before you buy CDs with CD NOW. Thanks to the Internet, there are many new ways to hear great music!

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