Check out these great shots from the Long Island Guitar Show. Thanks to David for his great photos! -Bob

Russell Malone with Bob Benedetto signing the back of one of Bob's guitars

Bob Benedetto and Russell Malone

Dan Faehnle and Charles Chapman at the Jazz Courtyard

Jimmy Bruno at the American Archtop booth

Frank Vignola at the American Archtop booth (playing with Jimmy Bruno)

One of Dale Unger's "collector series" 7-string American Archtops.

Paul Bollenback at the Buscarino Booth

Jimmy Bruno and Paul Bollenback playing at the Buscarino Booth

Bob Benedetto with the owner of a guitar (and the guitar) he built in 1978

Barry Greene at the Buscarino Booth

Master Class with Howard Krive sponsored by the Coalition for the Continuation of Jazz Guitar Education

Howard Krive playing an example for the class

Jack Wilkins and Carl Barry.

Mark Whitfield with JK at the Jazz Courtyard

Adam Rafferty.

Adam Rafferty and Chris Buzzelli at the Jazz Courtyard

Frank Vignola and Charles Chapman at the Venture Music Booth

J. Geils and Gerry Beaudoin at the Jazz Courtyard

Jeanne and John Pisano - The Flying Pisanos

Trefor Owen and his students

Joe Giglio playing AND singing at the Jazz Courtyard

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