The Guitar Style of Lenny Breau

Lenny Breau (1941-1984) was certainly one of the most unique jazz guitarists of all time. Generations of players have labored to acquire some of his signature techniques with varying levels of success. Not until this video has there been a single resource that has delved into all facets of Lenny's playing that made him such an individual.

Guitarist Paul Bourdeau, a talented player in his own right, knew and studied with Lenny. His excellent teaching skills and insights into Lenny's playing make this video the authoritative look at what is called the "Lenny Breau style". Paul's playing also bears a striking similarity to Lenny's at times, which makes the video all the more compelling.

For those unfamiliar with Lenny's style, he was a fingerstyle player who used harmonics in revolutionary ways, was able to play chords and melody simultaneously, played basslines and used a varitey of effects to make his guitar sound like a whole band. Players like Tuck Andress and Stanley Jordan owe a lot of themselves to him. Paul examines each aspect of Lenny's style in detail, breaks it down into its components and shows you how to play it yourself. The transcription booklet proves invaluable in making the examples more clear and the close-up videography allows you to see exactly what Paul's doing.

A lot of books or videos that talk about Lenny concentrate only on his use of harmonics. Paul thoroughly covers every aspect of Lenny's playing; such as two-note chord pads, basslines, use of right hand fingernails, etc.

Production values are quite high, and though this video doesn't have the "gloss" of the big name publishers, it is an excellent product and proves that Segment Multimedia is a comer in the world of guitar videos.

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