Tal Farlow and Lenny Breau - Chance Meeting
  1. I Love You (5:24)
  2. Satin Doll (7:03)
  3. My Funny Valentine (8:40)
  4. All The Things You Are (11:33)
  5. Conversation (Tal & Lenny)
  1. Cherokee (4:30)
  2. What Is This Thing Called Love? (4:19)
  3. Broadway (6:03)
  4. My Foolish Heart (7:00)

This CD, an indirect result of the film documentary on Tal, is an amazing newfound jewel. During the film, Lenny Breau makes a visit to Tal's Sea Bright, N.J. home. The duo start jamming and visiting and Tal invites Lenny to join him at his local gig that night. What resulted was some unbelievably fiery playing. The musical explorations and conversations were of the highest artistic order.

I Love You, the opening track, starts out with Lenny in the midst of one of his trademark solos with Tal comping ably in the background. When Tal takes his solo, it's textbook playing colored by Lenny's shimmering chordal work. The tune finishes with the pair trading fours and playing off each other ingeniously.

Tal opens Satin Doll with a grooving chordal statement. He lets Lenny take the bridge, laying down a great bassline. Tal's solo starts with a great quote of "Our Love is Here to Stay" and is peppered with blinding double time runs. Lenny's solo contains his ingenious pianistic comps in the lower strings as well as beautiful false harmonics everywhere.

My Funny Valentine opens with the Breau touch: a mix of chords, harmonics and a sense of wonder. His approach contrasted with Tal's more traditional treatment makes this chestnut come alive one more time.

Bassist Lyn Christie and drummer Nat Garratano appear on the next two cuts. All The Things You Are has Tal's stamp all over it: Full of joy and a sense of swing. Tal's unique double stops pop up all over this tune while Lenny lays down a nice curtain of sound in the background.

Cherokee is a cooker. Tal does the head in his chordal fashion. The blowing on this tune is classic. With the rhythm section behind him, Tal is at his bopping best.

What Is This Thing Called Love opens with a shimmering treatment from Lenny. I should add that Lenny is at the top of his game on this disc. This tune will show you why.

The classic version of Broadway has a great swing. Lenny's reharmonization takes this tune to some great places.

My Foolish Heart, a beautiful ballad, is a great closer for this CD. The two show their maturity and sensitivity on this tune. This is the kind of playing that only veterans can do.

An extra treat is the recorded conversation between Tal and Lenny. This is a priceless document, letting us be a fly on the wall for once.

You absolutely have to have this disc. I can't make it plainer than that. If I had little stars or guitars or something, I'd give five of 'em to this CD.

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