Jazz Guitar CD Reviews
New Guitar Summit Review of Retrospective Polarity CD from Jimmy Bruno and Joe Beck Sheryl Bailey A look at Little Misunderstood
Body & Soul - Wes Montgomery Bump Review of John Scofield's latest enhanced CD American Archtop Featuring players of Dale Unger's great archtop guitars
2 by 5 Guitar Jazz Hard Bop guitar sampler CD from 32 Jazz Ulf Wakenius: Dig In Ulf Wakenius: Enchanted Moments
Dan Coy: Nothing But The Truth Chance Meeting Tal meets Lenny Breau for an amazing jam session that became an amazing CD Verve Jazz Masters 41 Bob looks at this 'best of' disc featuring Tal Farlow in the period 1954-1958
Ben Sherman - First Light The latest CD release from this Baltimore-area guitarist Jimmy Bruno Trio - Live at Birdland JGO listens to Jimmy's latest disc, a live date at New York's fabled jazz club featuring Bobby Watson Ron Affif We take a look at Ron Affif's latest CD, Ringside
Badi Assad 'Echoes of Brazil' gets a once-over from Marcos Cavalcante Vierd Blues by Ron Affif The Desmond Project John Basile Quartet
Solo Flight - Neil Janssen. With Jim Lichens on rhythm guitar Nuances - Bob Patterson Red Norvo Trio - Move! - Classic album featuring Red Norvo, Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus
JGO Short Takes #1 Reviews of indie jazz guitar CDs Two great jazz guitar sampler CDs: 'Jazz Guitar Greats' and 'Jazz Club - Guitar'  
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