Articles, lessons, features and reviews posted to Jazz in reverse chronological order CD Review: Night Manager - by Strat Andriotis
A compelling contemporary album interweaving the timeless gypsy-jazz style with modern voicings CD Review: Nibiru - by Okan Ersan
Ripping solos, nice melodies, and logical but interesting harmonies - check it out!
Jazzing Up Your Rock Playing part 3 - Melody
How chord melodies can make your solo more melodic
Understanding Modes on Guitar
What are modes and how are they useful in jazz guitar
Jazz Guitar Lesson: 'Pluralities'
Chord substitutions over a 2-5-1 chord progression - by Tommaso Costa CD Review: Strive - by Daniel DeLorenzo
An exploration of contemporary and traditional jazz guitar - and it's a very pleasant journey...
Jazz Guitar Lesson: 'Rhythm Changes'
10 great jazz guitar licks based on the 'Rhythm Changes' turnaround - by Tommaso Costa
Jazz Guitar Chords: Lesson 1, every day seventh chords with a sixth string root
How to play five very easy, and commonly used jazz chords: dominant 7, major 7, minor 7, half diminished and fully diminished
Jazzing Up Your Rock Playing part 2 - Rhythm
In the Western world, there is perhaps no other genre of music that is as rhythmically adventurous as jazz. If you are a rock musician looking to increase your rhythmic vocabulary, you can look to jazz for some easy-to-use ideas - by Dennis Winge CD Review: Long Ride Back - by Sarel River
A review of Sarel River's latest album 'Long Ride Back' - By Dennis Winge
Jazzing Up Your Rock Playing part 1 - Harmony
Take your rock guitar further, with some ideas common in jazz - By Dennis Winge
Beginning jazz theory: Harmonizing Scales and Chord Progressions
Harmonizing a scale or chord progression is the basis of the jazz guitar sound. Jazz guitar lesson by Robert Weeks
Beginning jazz theory: Understanding the Melodic Minor Scale
The difference between the Major and Melodic Minor scale is simply a flattened third. Robert Weeks examines the Melodic Minor scale, and it's importance in jazz guitar playing Album Review: One Small Step - by Dennis Winge Trio
A review of Dennis Winge Trio's 'One Small Step' - By Jules Brown
Jazz Guitar Online CD Review: Beyond the Rainbow - by the Susan Weinert Rainbow Trio
A review of Susan Weinert's forthcoming album 'Beyond the Rainbow' - By Robert Weeks
Jazz Guitar Christmas Lesson: Deck the Halls with Coltrane Changes
Reharmonizing Christmas Carols using John Coltrane's 'Giant Steps' chord changes. By Dennis Winge
Jazz Guitar Lesson: Using Eastern Harmony in Western Compositions
Are your ears craving some new exotic-sounding harmonies?  Are you stuck writing the same old types of tunes and need some fresh material to inspire you?  Have you heard unusual modes but not sure how to use them in tunes? By Dennis Winge
Beginning jazz theory: Understanding the Major Scale
As a guitarist it's easy to ignore theory.. but when playing jazz, a little theory can go a long way. By Robert Weeks
Jazz Guitar Online CD Review: Impressions - by Mike Pachelli
A review of Mike Pachelli's 'Impressions' - By Dennis Winge
Why Choose a Gibson Jazz Guitar?
With so many great playing and beautifully built jazz guitars out there, why should you chose one made by Gibson?
Barney Kessel's modified 1946 Gibson ES-350 up for sale
Barney Kessel's Gibson ES-350 was heavily modified, and not the prettiest of archtop guitars, but it was his lifetime 'go to' guitar. The one that he used on most of his recordings, and, as Kessel states, the one that 'sounds exactly like I heard it in my mind'
Creating A Home Recording Studio For Your Jazz Guitar
Recording your guitar is not difficult, but getting a GREAT recording takes a little more effort. Using good microphones is part of the equation, but what else?
Jazz CD Review: The Hive - by Common Quartet
A review of Brooklyn jazz group Common Quartet's 'The Hive' - By Dennis Winge
A Short Guide to Group Improvisation
Jim Slansky explains jazz improvisation within a group; how it expands from, and contracts back to the main theme
The Developing Jazz Guitarist, Part 2: Out With The Old, In With The New
Gerry Garcia continues his series of arrangements of well-known tunes for jazz guitar: Auld Lang Syne Feature: On Soloing
Randell Young talks about soloing, and suggests seven rules to maximise your guitar solo's impact
The Parallel Dominant Approach
A PDF lesson by Jim Robitaille
The Developing Jazz Guitarist, Part 1: Time For Cake And Candles
First in a series of Lesson/articles by Gerry Garcia: a jazz guitar arrangement of a tune we all know, Happy Birthday
The Theory Behind The Music
Bob Patterson takes you through the basics of the music theory Review: Graphicguitars
Something cool for your wall - Innovative fine art guitar paintings by Paul Chase
CD Review: Retrospective
A review of 'Retrospective' by New Guitar Summit
JGO Short Takes 1
Reviews of indie jazz guitar CDs
Jazz Guitar Online Book Review: Time to learn your Christmas tunes!
It's that time of year again... See what JGO recommends to get ready for all those X-mas gigs
Concert Review: Jazz Guitar Quartet
Pizzarelli, Alden, Bertoncini, and Chirillo. A concert of masterful playing by four outstanding jazz guitarists
Big News at JGO
What's new, and what's changing at JazzGuitar Online
Sheryl Bailey
A look at 'Little Misunderstood'
Straight Ahead Guitar Clinic
The early word on whats happening in 2001
Pat Metheny on Kenny G
Secret Story no longer
Pat Metheny on Kenny G - part 2
A follow-up post by Pat
Directing the Jazz Guitar Ensemble
by Bob Russell
Jazz Guitar Online CD Review: Polarity
New album from Jimmy Bruno and Joe Beck
Q and A: Simplify, simplify
Why use modal names? are they necessary?
The Latest About The Website
JGO site news, August 2000
JGO Film Review: Sweet and Lowdown
This film about a fictional jazz guitarist gets a JGO once-over
2000 Django Festival
On the scene report from Jon Larsen
JGO Album Review: Bump
Review of John Scofield's latest enhanced CD
CD Reviews: Jazz Guitar Greats / Jazz Club - Guitar
A couple of cheap jazz guitar compilation CDs worth checking out!
JGO's New Look
JazzGuitar Online gets a new coat of paint - Bob tells you what's going on with the website
Charlie Byrd dead at 74
Jazz Guitarist Charlie Byrd passed away on December 2nd 1999
1999 Great American Guitar Show
Tons of photos. Check it out!
Sal Salvador Dead At 74
Legendary jazz guitarist Sal Salvador passed away on September 22nd, 1999
Cafe Benedetto
David Henry was there. Review and photos.
1999 Buscarino Concert
David was here too. Boy, he sure gets around...
Think of 'Scale Position' / Sing it! Fret Coverage, and Improving Sight Reading
The latest nuggets of Bob's wisdom
American Archtop
Featuring players of Dale Unger's great archtop guitars
The Jazz Guitar
A look at the 4th edition of this definitive reference book
2 by 5 Guitar Jazz
Hard Bop guitar sampler CD from 32 Jazz
Sight reading, altered dominants, practicing
Les is More
An evening with the legendary Les Paul. By Cindy Benedetto
Jazz at Shanghai
The Howard Alden trio caught live in New Jersey. By Cindy Benedetto
The Pizzar
A true "slice" of guitar history
Making it sound real
Jimmy Bruno
No Nonsense Jazz Guitar - Video Review
Lenny Breau
With Paul Bourdeau - Video Review
Andy Summers
Guitar - Video Review
Talmage Farlow
Guitar Video and Feature Film Review
Joe Pass
The Blue Side of Jazz - Video Review
Charlie Byrd
Nylon String Jazz - Video Review
Ulf Wakenius: Dig In
A review of the album 'Dig In', by Bob Patterson
Ulf Wakenius: Enchanted Moments
A review of the third album by this great Swedish jazz guitarist. By Bob Patterson
Dan Coy: Nothing But The Truth
A review of 'Nothing But The Truth' by Bob Patterson
Chord soloing
Letter from Bob
Find out what's going on
Blue Guitars at the Smithsonian
Cindy Benedetto gives us the latest on the Invasion of the Blues in Washington, D.C.
Jazz in the North Woods
Bob Patterson's report from the 1998 Shell Lake Jazz Camp
Bob takes on a variety of questions
Tal Farlow in Action
George King sends in a great photo montage of Tal with Red Norvo
Saying Goodbye to Tal
Jazz legend Tal Farlow dies of cancer at the age of 77. This edition of JGO will be dedicated to Tal and his music
CD Review: Chance Meeting
Tal meets Lenny Breau for an amazing jam session that became an amazing CD
Book Review:
The jazz style of Tal Farlow by Berklee instructor Steve Rochinski
Verve Master Sessions
Bob looks at this 'best of' disc featuring Tal Farlow
Life on the Love Boat
JGO Editor/Publisher Bob Patterson gives a firsthand account of working and living on a cruise ship. All aboard!
CD Review: Ben Sherman - First Light
The latest CD release from this Baltimore-area guitarist
Editorial: Thoughts on Tablature
Bob Patterson's views on the role tablature should play in guitar instruction (part 2)
Q&A: Octaves and Tendonitis
Bob answers a couple of questions
CD Review: Live at Birdland
JGO listens to Jimmy's latest disc, a live date at New York's fabled jazz club featuring Bobby Watson
Software Review: Chord Wizard
A new music study and instruction program for fretted instruments. Find out what JGO thinks...
Editorial: Thoughts on Tablature
Bob Patterson's views on the role tablature should play in guitar instruction (part 1 of a multi-part article)
Q&A: Summer Jazz Camps
Where to go for an intensive learning experience this summer?
Michael Hedges Dies in Auto Accident
Innovative acoustic guitarist Michael Hedges passed away on December 2nd, 1997
Ron Affif: Caught Live
JGO review of a recent gig of Ron's at Disney's Pleasure Island Jazz Company. The night was anything but Mickey Mouse...
CD Review: Ron Affif
We take a look at Ron Affif's latest CD, Ringside
What's the latest with JGO?
Will JGO become a members only site? Updating everyone on our latest adventures
Q&A: Carved vs. Laminated
A question of tops... Which should yours be? Find out here!
RIP Tommy Tedesco / RIP Stephane Grappelli
The jazz guitar world loses two important figures. Thanks to Tony Pompa for the news...
Kudos to Kessel
JGO brings you the review of a moving tribute to the legendary Barney Kessel - by Cindy Benedetto
Guitarists On The Loose in Long Island
The report from this year's Benedetto and Buscarino Players Concerts at the Classic American Guitar Show - by Charles Chapman
CD Review: Badi Assad
'Echoes of Brazil' gets a once-over from Marcos Cavalcante
John Basile CD review
A review of The Desmond Project, By Bob Patterson
Chord Khancepts
The new book on chord voicings from Steve Khan - as reviewed by Bob Patterson
Martin Taylor interview
Guitarist Martin Taylor talks to Afdhel Aziz on his career, starting out and the influence of Indian music on his playing
Gene Bertoncini
A review of jazz guitarist Gene Bertoncini's performance at the University of South Carolina - by Dan Scott
Solo Flight CD review
Featuring Jim Lichens on rhythm guitar. Review by Bob Patterson
Jack Wilkins video
Review of this instructional video/DVD title - by Bob Patterson
IAJE '97 Report
Chris Buzzelli reports from the 1997 International Association of Jazz Educators conference
Anatomy of a Gig
War Stories from the Life of a Working Guitarist
Riff Master vs. the Riff-O-Matic
Akai's Riff-O-Matic goes head to head with Rifftech's Riff Master - a review by Bob Patterson
Living Jazz CD-ROM
A live tour through the history of jazz - review by Bob Patterson
CD Review: Vierd Blues by Ron Affif
A review of Ron's second album, by Bob Patterson
Review: Body and Soul by Wes Montgomery
A superb album of Wes outtakes from the very early 1960s. As reviewed by Bob Patterson
School and the Street Part 2
The Qualities of a Successful Pro Guitarist
School and the Street Part 1
Learning Strategies For College Bound Guitarists
North Sea Jazz Festival
A venue for some fine guitar playing - review by Michael Herweg
NY Guitar Show
A round up of the show in Dix Hills, New York. By Bob Patterson
Book reviews
Reviews of 'The Guitar Players: One Instrument and It's Masters in American Music' and 'The Guitar In Jazz: An Anthology'
Picking Speed
Thoughts on picking speed in jazz guitar by Tom Brown
In the Navy
Michael Durig is the guitarist for the US Navy's CINCLANTFLT band. He has some advice for those wishing to try out for a service band
7-String Part 3
Part three presents a complete seven string guitar piece
7-String Part 2
Part two of a three part article by Alan De Mause - a few pointers on actually using a seven stringer
7-String Part 1
Part one of a three part lesson by Alan De Mause: why a seventh string? How else to get a low A but a sevenstring?
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