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Why Jazz Guitar?

What is jazz guitar? Is it specific chords or scale patterns? Is it the propensity for improvisation? Is it the guitars jazz musicians play? It's all of them of course, and a whole lot more. It's in rhythm and in harmony. It's in style and swing.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Perhaps you want to be a jazz guitarist? We've got some great jazz guitar lessons, and the theory to help make it make sense. Starting out in jazz guitar is not simple - you'll need some basic skills - but neither is it impossible if you are ready to practice. Jazz players are typically those who have previously played rock, blues, funk or other styles of guitar, and those skills will come in handy; but there is plenty more to learn!

Everything for Jazz Guitarists

We also talk to highly regarded jazz guitarists, about their musical approaches, and philosophies to playing jazz. Plus we have a detailed look at some fabulous jazz guitars.

So, whether you are a seasoned jazz musician, a rock/blues guitarist that would like to expand their repertoire, or simply a jazz music fan - there is something for you here.

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This site was originally created by respected Florida jazz guitarist and music educator, Bob Patterson.

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Jazz Books

100 Jazz Lessons - Guitar Lesson Goldmine Series (Book/Online Audio). A huge variety of jazz guitar styles and techniques are covered, including: modes, arpeggios, basic comping, blues comping, turnaround improvisation, chord tones, tritone substitution, scale sequences, pentatonics, sus chords, polyphonic harmony, and much more!

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar helps you to create the authentic sound of jazz guitar, without having to learn numerous scales and modes. Based around the familiar blues progression, this book uses simple chord / scale substitution ideas to create beautiful jazz-blues lines in the style of the great jazz guitarists