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Why Jazz Guitar?

What is jazz guitar? Is it specific scale patterns? Is it the propensity for improvisation? Is it the guitars jazz musicians play? It's all of them of course, and a whole lot more. It's in rhythm and in harmony. It's in style and swing.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Perhaps you want to be a jazz guitarist? We've got some great jazz guitar lessons, and the theory to help make it make sense. Starting out in jazz guitar is not simple - you'll need some basic skills - but neither is it impossible if you are ready to practice. Jazz players are typically those who have previously played rock, blues, funk or other styles of guitar, and those skills will come in handy; but there is plenty more to learn!

Interviews with Jazz Guitarists

We also talk to highly regarded jazz guitarists, about their musical approaches, and philosophies to playing jazz. Plus we have a detailed look at some fabulous jazz guitars.

So, whether you are a seasoned jazz musician, a rock/blues guitarist that would like to expand their repertoire, or simply a jazz music fan - there is something for you here.

Follow the menu above for free guitar lessons, articles, news and reviews. Enjoy your visit!

Check out some of the latest, and most popular articles on JazzGuitar.com

Reharmonizing Christmas Carols using
John Coltrane

Deck the Halls with Coltrane Changes
Reharmonizing Christmas Carols using John Coltrane's 'Giant Steps' chord changes. By Dennis Winge

Using Eastern Harmony in Western Compositions

Using Eastern Harmony in Western Compositions
Are your ears craving some new exotic-sounding harmonies? By Dennis Winge

Understanding the Major Scale

Beginning jazz theory Understanding the Major Scale
As a guitarist it's easy to ignore theory.. but when playing jazz, a little theory can go a long way. By Robert Weeks

Why Choose a Gibson Jazz Guitar?

Why Choose a Gibson Jazz Guitar?
There's no denying Gibson make great archtop guitars, but in such a competitive guitar market, are they really worth the price?

Barney Kessel

Barney Kessel's legendary Gibson ES-350 for sale
Currently offered by Heritage auctions (Nov 2018). A closer look at the modified 1946 ES-350 that characterised his playing.

Sonny Sharrock

Sonny Sharrock: On Improvisation
Free jazz legend Sonny Sharrock talks to Dannette Hill: on improvisation, about different types of improvisers, and the starting points for his improvisations

On Soloing

On Soloing
Wonderful piece; Randell Young talks about soloing, and suggests seven rules to maximise your guitar solo's impact

The Developing Jazz Guitarist: Part One

The Developing Jazz Guitarist: Part One
First in a series of Lessons by Gerry Garcia: Gerry Garcia's jazz guitar arrangement of a tune we all know, Happy Birthday

7 String Guitar Part 1

Introduction to the Seven String Guitar First of a three-part series on guitars with a seventh string
By Alan De Mause

Martin Taylor interview

Martin Taylor interview
Guitarist Martin Taylor talks to Afdhel Aziz on his career, starting out and the influence of Indian music on his playing

A Short Guide to Group Improvisation

A Short Guide to Group Improvisation
Jim Slansky explains jazz improvisation within a group; how it expands from, and contracts back to the main theme

Jazz Album Reviews

CDs for review should be submitted by post - for more information please get in contact.

Latest Reviews...

Impressions - Mike Pachelli

Mike Pachelli: Impressions
An album ten years in the making, but very much worth the wait!

The Hive - Common Quartet

Common Quartet: The Hive
Guitarist Steve Cardenas joins this Brooklyn-based quartet for two tracks on
The Hive.

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This site was originally created by respected Florida jazz guitarist and music educator, Bob Patterson.

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